Road Traffic Case Fees

Road Traffic Case Fees

We offer a comprehensive service in the full range of criminal offences pursued by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service. There are many other bodies, such as local councils, Trading Standards, government and statutory bodies that exercise considerable powers of investigation and prosecute cases in both the Magistrates and the Crown Court.

The Crime Team is headed by Nawaz Khan, an experienced Solicitor-Advocate, Duty Solicitor since 1997. He has more than 25 years of experience in representing vulnerable and anxious clients, and has taken on some very complex and challenging cases over his career.

We offer Legal Aid (subject to eligibility criteria) and are able to represent you on fixed fees for criminal matters to be dealt with in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. Many clients find that they do not qualify for legal aid in the magistrates Court, due to income or capital and would be able to have representation at reasonable fixed fees. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide a fixed fee quotation. We do not offer conditional fee arrangements.

Road Traffic Offences

As a general guide, we can provide fixed fees for routine road traffic matters being dealt with in the Magistrates Court, where the matter will be concluded in a guilty plea at one hearing. For more complex cases or cases to be dealt with in the Crown Court, we can provide an individual case fixed fee upon request. Where the case goes to trial, we will inform you of our costs.

The following fees are listed as given as guides for standard matters in the Magistrates Court based on a half-day hearing on a standard guilty plea basis:

• Drug/ Drink Driving – £600 Inc VAT
• Driving Without Due Care and Attention- £ 750 Inc VAT
• Driving License/ Insurance Offences – £500 Inc VAT
• Fail to Nominate Driver – £600 Inc VAT

Sometimes, individual case factors, complexity or distance of the Court may impact on the fixed fee and we would advise you of any increase or decrease in the fixed fee.

The fee will cover:

• 2hours preparation and meeting time
• Considering the charge, evidence and law, sentencing and procedures
• Advising you on the charge and evidence and options on plea and sentencing
• Attending court on one hearing (half-day) in the Magistrates Court

The fee does not cover:

• The costs of instructing an Expert
• Taking witness statements
• Special Reasons Hearing where case is given a new listing date
• Disbursements – these are costs incurred in your case, such as medical report costs, travel expenses, mileage which would be chargeable to you
• Any appeal against the Court’s decision

Timescales and key Stages

• To obtain the prosecution evidence and review the case
• Arrange meeting to advise on case and options on plea and take your statement
• Agree a strategy as to how case will be progressed
• If client pleads not guilty, then prepare the case for trial and take witness statements (new fixed fee to be provided)
• Advise before hearing on charge, law, procedures, and sentencing
• To attend court and ensure that Client understands the legal issues, confirm plea and to represent you in court
• Timescales will be advised in individual cases and will depend on court listing
• After the hearing we will explain the outcome, any Court Orders made and what client has to do next. We will also advise on appeal prospects, but the cost of any appeal would be additional.

Who will deal with your Motoring Matter?

Nawaz Khan personally deals with most motoring offences in our firm. With 25 year’s experience in such offences, he has dealt with a broad range of road traffic law.

Disbursements  – Third Party Expenses

Your case may require us to instruct third parties, such as drink/ drug driving experts, toxicologists, or medical experts.

We would need to obtain quotations for you, but typically such costs can range between £500-£3,500.

VAT would be  additionally chargeable at  the rate 20%.

Barristers Fees

If we need to obtain a Barrister’s Opinion, we will confirm the fee to you. Typically, this could be in the range of £1000-1500.

VAT would normally be chargeable at the rate of 20%.

Court Fees

We would advise you of any applicable court fees. VAT is not applicable to court fees.