Immigration Case Fees

Immigration Case Fees

We work on an agreed fee basis in Immigration cases. As individual circumstances and cases differ, we can only offer a general guide to fees in standard Immigration applications.  We will need more detail as to your personal circumstances and to consider the facts before providing an individual fee.

We offer standard fees ranging from £800 – £2000 plus vat, plus disbursements for applications such as:

  • Application for Spouse to Remain
  • Leave to Remain on Human Rights Grounds
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Application for British Citizenship
  • Visitor Visa

The agreed fee will cover your case until the Home Office has decided your application.  

What is Included in the fixed-fee?

  • Considering your circumstances in detail and confirming the options on which application to make and other options
  • Meeting you and obtaining information about your case and advising you about the Immigration Rules
  • Considering the supporting documents and what other documents may be required
  • Advising you on the law and application
  • Preparing and submitting the application with supporting documents
  • Keeping you updated with response of Home Office and any further information required and responding to the Home Office
  • Keeping you informed of the progress of the Application
  • Advising you on the timelines (as far as possible) and the outcome of the application and any further steps that you need to take

The agreed fee does not cover

  • Third party expenses, known as disbursements, such as medical reports, expert reports
  • Home Office Application Fees
  • Costs of   Translation of documents and Interpreting are typical disbursements which will depend on the number of documents/ times required by translation company/ interpreters.  These costs can be significant, but we cannot predict them in advance
  • Any appeals

Our Immigration work is supervised by Nawaz Khan, Solicitor who is supported by our dedicated Paralegal Team.  We have been successful in the great majority of our applications and have over ten years’ experience in this area of law.

Disbursements – third party expenses

Your case may involve payment of fees to the Home Office.  Please refer to the GOV UK for HOME OFFICE FEES. The Home Office fees will depend on the nature and type of application

Payments to third parties

Fees may be payable to third parties, e.g., GP, Psychiatrist, or other expert to support your application.  We will obtain a quote from the third party, typically such costs are estimated to be in the range of £100-£1500.

VAT would be chargeable at the rate of 20%.

Barristers Fees

If we need to obtain a Barrister’s Opinion, we will confirm  the fee to you. Typically, this could be in the range of £1000-1500.

VAT would normally be chargeable at the rate of 20%.

Court Fees

Court fees may be payable and full details can be obtained from the GOV UK website. 

Exemptions may apply.  Where payable, court fees do not attract VAT and will depend on the type of application.    Court Fees start from £80 upwards.  We will advise you on the fee applicable in your case.